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'Kiss your £66bn goodbye, taxpayers,' say MPs
London, UK (16/11/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Government may never recover the cash it spent bailing out RBS and Lloyds, a new report warns.
Olympic effect falters, BoE lowers growth forecast, Europe strikes
London, UK (14/11/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Another hectic, doom-and-gloom type of day for the UK and Europe, as jobseeker's allowance numbers rise, the Bank of England predicts slower growth next year and eurozone countries protest austerity cuts again.
Inflation spikes 2.7% in October
London, UK (13/11/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Sky-high tuition fees and rising energy prices have caused the Consumer Price Index to surge, according to the ONS, making the cost of living a whole lot costlier.
Google, Starbucks, Amazon to face MPs over corporation tax
London, UK (12/11/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Companies criticised for paying minimal corporation tax in the UK, such as Starbucks and Google, face a hearing before a parliamentary select committee.
Fresh approach to Business Records Checks
London, UK (08/11/2012)
HMRC will start targeting business across the country this month as they roll out a new fresh approach to Business Records Checks.
Heseltine calls for more action to stimulate growth
London, UK (31/10/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Former Tory deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine has called on the government to come up with a better growth strategy in his new report.
Facebook's Joanna Shields heads to Tech City
London, UK (22/10/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) In a major coup for No. 10, Joanna Shields, head of Facebook Europe, has been appointed boss of Tech City, charged with delivering the government's Silicon Valley for London pledge.
'QE not enough' says Turner in bid for BoE top job
London, UK (12/10/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Current chair of the FSA Lord Turner reckons that radical new economic policies are required to avoid a 'no growth' lost decade in the UK.
Two G4S directors axed, but Buckles survives Olympic review
London, UK (28/09/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Two senior staff at private security firm G4S are leaving in the aftermath of the firm's fiasco, but CEO Nick Buckles isn't one of them.
Deficit is biggest ever, but King reckons recovery is imminent
London, UK (21/09/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) The governor of the Bank of England says we are on our way to recovery and is relaxed about government borrowing. Meanwhile, the deficit has reached its highest-ever level.
BP sued by 'hoodwinked' funds over Gulf of Mexico spill
London, UK (04/09/2012)
LONDON (Management Today)Six investors are suing the oil giant for tens of millions, claiming that BP misled them over the Gulf of Mexico disaster.
More heat than light in Cameron's growth plan?
London, UK (03/09/2012)
London (Management Today) It's back to work Monday, and PM David Cameron and his cabinet chums are revealing - ta-daa - their grand plan to boost the economy.
UK recession not as bad as feared, says ONS
London, UK (24/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) It looks like the nay-sayers were wrong, as revised estimates from the ONS show that GDP contraction in Q2 was less than we originally thought.
Public borrowing rises in July
London, UK (21/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Disappointing corporate tax receipts and a stagnating economy forced up public borrowing to £0.6bn last month.
Recruitment tips from Pret a Manger
London, UK (20/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) UK employers could learn a lot from the Pret A Manger, reckons 'HR Headmistress' Kate Russell (pictured). Here's how the sandwich chain perfected the idea of 'organisational fit'.
Government considers tax-free 'mini jobs'
London, UK (20/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Tory MPs are championing a system that will allow people to take certain jobs without paying national insurance or tax on their earnings.
Taxpayers still vulnerable to bank failures
London, UK (17/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today)
StanChart faces huge fine as Barclays chairman ponders current account fees
London, UK (14/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today)Standard Chartered is attempting to reach a settlement ahead of a Wednesday hearing with New York regulators, David Walker says Barclays may charge for current accounts, and Coutts gets even more exclusive.
Bank of England slashes growth forecast to zero
London, UK (08/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Surprise, surprise, Mervyn King and chums have decided to downgrade their 2012 growth forecast from 0.8% to a piddly zero.
The top ten mistakes made by SMEs
London, UK (06/08/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Learn from the false moves of your forebears. Chartered accountant Michael Davis lists the top mistakes made by small firms, and explains how to prevent them from sinking your business too.
HSBC profits hit $12.7bn
London, UK (31/07/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) But should HSBC Seen to be making such gargantuan profits while allegations of money-laundering and PPI mis-selling abound?
The Banking Saga: HSBC, Del Missier and Mervyn King squirm
London, UK (17/07/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) As authorities on both sides of the Pond intensify their scrutiny, and holes start to appear in the testimony of management figures, the plotting and intrigue starts to reveal itself.
Eurozone service sector shrinks, again
London, UK (05/07/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) The latest PMI data piles on more euro woe - services and manufacturing output shrank for the fifth month in a row in June.
UK sinks back into recession
London, UK (25/04/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) GDP shrunk 0.2% over the first quarter of 2012. The dreaded double dip is here, says the ONS.
Bank of England's Paul Tucker warns on inflation rate
London, UK (18/04/2012)
LONDON (BBC News) Inflation may stay above 3% during the rest of this year, according to Paul Tucker, a deputy governor of the Bank of England.
UK economy sprouting, says BCC
London, UK (04/04/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Economic growth for the first quarter of 2012 will be about 0.3% reckons the British Chambers of Commerce. An improvement, yes, but frustratingly slight.
George Osborne cuts 50p top tax rate
London, UK (23/03/2012)
George Osborne is cutting the tax rate for earnings over £150,000, saying in his Budget it raised "next to nothing".
'Scrap the 50p tax rate' say 500 UK entrepreneurs
London, UK (01/03/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) A consortium of business leaders has demanded an end to the 'populist' tax, claiming that it both reduces government income and damages the economy.
Europe okays micro company accounts reform
London, UK (22/02/2012)
LONDON (accounting web) The European Union’s financial and economic affairs council agreed a new directive on Tuesday 21 February that allows member states to exempt very small companies from mainstream accounting and financial reporting obligations.
Small businesses struggle under debt mountain
London, UK (21/02/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) More than half of SMEs are failing to collect on outstanding invoices, a new survey suggests. The result? Cashflow crises galore.
Taxman postpones Business Record Checks
London, UK (06/02/2012)
LONDON (AccountacyAge) THE TAXMAN has postponed any further record checks of small businesses, as it looks to introduce a more targeted approach in the future.
Self Assessment deadline extended
London, UK (30/01/2012)
HMRC have effectively extendend the Self Assessment deadline until Thursday 2 February.
Bank of England holds interest rates steady
London, UK (16/01/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) After another nail-biting session, the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee is sticking to its guns on the record low 0.5% rate.
Christmas wasn't that bad, admits BRC
London, UK (10/01/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) Retailers say all that doom and gloom before Christmas may have been over the top. Hence, presumably, Marks & Spencer's optimistic results.
Welcome to 2012 - The Euro crisis is back
London, UK (05/01/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) After a seasonal lull the Eurozone returns with a vengeance - French bond yields are up, Italian bank Unicredit's shares are tumbling and Hungary faces a currency crisis.
AIM recovery off target
London, UK (04/01/2012)
LONDON (Management Today) More companies are leaving the AIM than are listing, according to new research. Bad news for the ailing junior market.
Merkozy's 'crunch lunch' to decide fate of euro
London, UK (05/12/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Prime Minister Nicolas Serkozy are thrashing out a eurozone deal over steak frites as we speak.
George Osborne's Autumn Statement: What you need to know
London, UK (30/11/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Infrastructure investment. More credit easing. Capped public sector wages. Scrapped fuel duty rises. Most we knew already, some we didn't. Here's the MT round-up.
David Cameron LIVE: 'We need to deal with debts and go for growth'
London, UK (23/11/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Speaking at today's CBI Annual Conference, Prime Minister David Cameron laid out a strategy for growth.
RBS to increase loans to small businesses
London, UK (07/11/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Royal Bank of Scotland has pledged to increase loans to SMEs by 15%. Is this just more lip service to boost business banking? Or has this leopard really changed its spots?
SMEs owed £33.6bn in late payments
London, UK (03/11/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) New research by payment company Bacs shows that SMEs are owed an average of £39,000 each, up 10% on last year, the highest since records began in 2007.
Britain's SMEs in 'credit lottery'
London, UK (26/10/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) A new investigation by accounting firm Shelley Stock Hutter into credit rating agencies confirms small business owners' worst fears: it's a lucky dip.
Three alternative ways to fund your start-up
London, UK (26/10/2011)
LONDON (Start Ups) With UK start-ups still struggling to access bank finance, there's a new wave of entrepreneurial firms vying to fill the void. We spoke to three new players on the business funding scene to find out what they can offer young companies
Will Shawbrook Bank save Britain's SMEs?
London, UK (18/10/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) A new bank has been created entirely for the purpose of lending to small businesses. Although it could be too good to be true...
Inflation hits 19-year high
London, UK (18/10/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Consumer Price Inflation has breezed past expectations, hitting 5.2%. Although there are suggestions it has peaked.
New British SME lender Shawbrook Bank challenges Lloyds and Barclays
London, UK (17/10/2011)
LONDON (SMEweb) Shawbrook joins the likes of Aldermore and Metro Bank as a new bank in the UK.
Red tape to be trimmed - again
London, UK (12/10/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The government promising to slash red tape? If MT had £100 for every time it's heard that before, the country's deficit might look a little smaller
More doom and gloom as BCC cuts growth forecast
London, UK (11/10/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) It's Tuesday, so it must be time for a good dose of misery. Hence the BCC's daring use of the 'r' word in its rather maudlin survey.
100,000 small businesses get audit exemption
London, UK (07/10/2011)
LONDON (management Today) BIS has launched a consultation into regulations which could save businesses £206m a year. Who said the Government was all about red tape?
British enterprise beaming?
London, UK (07/10/2011)
LONODN (Management Today) 57% of the UK's entrepreneurial businesses met or beat their target for revenue growth last year. Could things be looking up?
Quantitative Easing is back, and £75bn better
London, UK (06/10/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The Bank of England has finally taken the plunge and decided to introduce another round of quantitative easing. Will it be enough?
Cameron's credit crunch as UK growth drops
London, UK (05/10/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The bad news is that growth between April and July was 0.1%. The worse news is that the PM wants us all to help by paying off our debts. Easier said than done...
Doom and gloom from IMF as it cuts forecasts
London, UK (21/09/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The UK has a 17% chance of slipping back into recession, according to the eggheads at the IMF. The answer, apparently, lies in switching back on those printing presses.
SMEs lack credit awareness
London, UK (20/09/2011)
LONDON (Small Business) Small businesses show a worrying lack of credit awareness, research finds.
Inflation in rise shocker as markets rumble
London, UK (13/09/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Inflation has gone up to 4.5% - no surprise there, although it didn't do many favours for the markets.
Small businesses overcharged by 70% by suppliers
London, UK (13/09/2011)
LONDON (My Business) Britain's small businesses are being short-changed by suppliers – with some overcharged by as much as 70%.
Interest rates still boring at 0.5%
London, UK (12/09/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The Bank of England has held rates for the 18th month in a row - surprise, surprise. And economists say it's going to stay the same for a while to come.
More time, Vickers? Banks given eight years to reform
London, UK (12/09/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The Independent Commission on Banking says banks must ring-fence their investment and retail operations by 2019. Which might not be soon enough...
Make the 50p tax rate less taxing, say economists
London, UK (08/09/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) 20 economists have written a letter to George Osborne suggesting it's time to scrap the 50p top rate of tax. Although it's always just been a question of when.
Davey welcomes red tape cut for smallest companies
London, UK (02/09/2011)
LONDON (NDS) Business Minister Edward Davey today welcomed an agreement on new, simpler accounting rules which will benefit up to 1.5 million small British companies, during a regular meeting of Business Ministers from across the EU in Brussels.
BCC cuts UK growth forecast
London, UK (01/09/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) cuts its growth forecast for the third time this year as inflation bites.
£10m fund set up for riot-hit businesses
London, UK (30/08/2011)
LONDON (Growing Business) A £10m emergency fund has been created to help businesses decimated by the recent riots get back on their feet.
Small business confidence plummets to two-year low
London, UK (30/08/2011)
LONDON (Growing Business) Economic optimism has fallen markedly within Britain’s entrepreneurial community, with many company owners worried about the prospect of a new economic downturn.
Cheques bounce back?
London, UK (24/08/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) MPs have belatedly leapt to the defence of cheques, just weeks after the Payments Council scrapped plans to axe them from 2018. But paper payments may still be written off...
Inflation inflates again, to 4.4%
London, UK (16/08/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) After a brief drop last month, inflation's up again. But the Bank of England says there's not much it can do.
Banks fail to come under Project Merlin's spell
London, UK (12/08/2011)
Figures by the Bank of England show banks failed to meet SME lending targets. Although they might have had an invisibility cloak thrown over them by next year.
Riots devastate London's small businesses
London, UK (10/08/2011)
LONDON (My Business) Small businesses may be unable to withstand the damage sustained by rioting in the streets of London over the past three nights, a business group has warned.
Small firms see fall in demand as biggest problem
London, UK (09/08/2011)
LONDON (Growing Business) But VAT increases ranked as ‘not a problem’ by many
Banks' Merlin magic misses the mark
London, UK (05/08/2011)
LONDON (Management Today)Project Merlin delivered more than £100bn of credit to UK businesses in the first half of the year, but it didn't do the trick for SMEs.
Entrepreneurs expect tough funding climate to continue
London, UK (04/08/2011)
LONDON ( “Three fifths of entrepreneurs expect the funding climate to be 'very difficult'”
Lending to small firms plummets at fastest ever rate
London, UK (28/07/2011)
LONDON (Startups) Soaring interest rates also reported by Bank of England study
Business lending plummets by £2.5bn
London, UK (25/07/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Bank lending to businesses fell substantially again in June. Although banks are, as usual, keen to point out it's not entirely their fault.
Government gets tough on late payment (again)
London, UK (20/07/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Cabinet secretary Francis Maude has brought in new late payment measures for Government suppliers. It's a start, we suppose...
SME bank lending report highlights crisis of confidence
London, UK (13/07/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) It's clear from a new independent-ish report on bank lending that many SMEs are being scared off the borrowing process altogether...
UK SMEs to invest £75bn in growth?
London, UK (13/07/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Anyone who doubts UK SMEs' ambition should feast their eyes on this: a survey suggests they're more than willing to splash the cash...
Big five banks launch small business mentoring service
London, UK (05/07/2011)
LONDON (Growing Business) Britain’s five biggest banks have come together to offer a mentoring service tailored to small businesses.
Opposition demands more action on SME late payment 'scandal'
London, UK (05/07/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Labour's Chuka Umunna says the Government must do more to prevent SMEs having to 'bankroll' larger companies...
Banks too tight for SMEs
London, UK (01/07/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Bank lending to private companies has fallen again. Just what struggling small businesses don't need...
Small business lending to become an even bigger problem?
London, UK (01/07/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Banks have threatened to raise the cost of borrowing for small businesses. Given the number of complaints we hear that it's too expensive already, that's less than ideal.
How your business can get a grant in 2011
London, UK (29/06/2011)
LONDON (Small Government grants are notoriously hard to come by - but they do exist and they can benefit your business if you know where to look.
Inflation a BIG problem for SMEs
London, UK (28/06/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Small businesses are facing their biggest rise in core costs since the recession. So will the Government's Made In Britain drive work out?
Late payment gets later
London, UK (27/06/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) A survey has suggested that late payment is getting worse - and small businesses are struggling to cope.
Give us a break, say small firms
London, UK (08/06/2011)
Thousands of companies are avoiding hiring new staff because of the lasting effects of the credit crunch. Would an NI holiday help?
Lend more or face higher taxes, Cable tells the banks
London, UK (08/06/2011)
The Business Secretary has put himself firmly on the side of small firms on the question of who's to blame for lower-than-expected lending...
Europe in 'regulation cut for small firms' shocker
London, UK (06/06/2011)
No, your eyes haven't deceived you: the EU has agreed to cut bureaucracy - albeit only for the smallest businesses...
What Do You Need To Look For In A Bookkeeper?
London, UK (25/05/2011)
Your accounts are one of the most important functions of your business. Choosing the right bookkeeper can help you save money and develop a successful business.
The Business Growth Fund: much-needed cash, or pointless PR stunt?
London, UK (23/05/2011)
Is the £2.5bn fund, launched by our big banks today, solving a problem that doesn't exist? MT columnist Luke Johnson thinks so.
Bigger-than-expected jump in inflation - but no cause for panic.
London, UK (17/05/2011)
CPI inflation has soared to 4.5%, its highest level in two and a half years. But the timing of Easter had a lot to do with it...
Prices up, growth down says Bank of England.
London, UK (11/05/2011)
Inflation will hit 5% by the end of the year, says the BoE's latest report, while growth will shrivel to 2.7%. Happy Wednesday...
FSB slams ‘arm and a leg’ bank charges
London, UK (10/05/2011)
Federation claims harsh lending policies are hampering economic recovery.
Small businesses continuing to worry about debt and cashflow, according to new survey.
London, UK (10/05/2011)
Almost three years after the recession began in earnest, the threat of debt and cashflow problems continues to haunt the small business community.
Bank holds rates as service sector disappoints
London, UK (09/05/2011)
This was supposed to be the month the MPC hiked rates. But not much chance of that happening, given all the economic doom and gloom...
Start-ups need most help with bookkeeping.
London, UK (26/04/2011)
Survey reveals the number one areas new business owners need advice in.
Firms "face hard slog” to gain bank finance as bad debt write-offs increase
London, UK (19/04/2011)
Write-offs of bad debts by UK banks unexpectedly rose in 2010.
Small firms have a job feeling cheerful at the moment.
London, UK (19/04/2011)
Small businesses are allegedly regaining confidence. Unfortunately, they don't seem any keener to hire people as a result.
New £6.08 national minimum wage rate “misguided”, says BCC
London, UK (12/04/2011)
New rates to come into force in October this year.
'Guilty until proven innocent' - Government gets tough(er) on red tape
London, UK (11/04/2011)
The Government launched its Red Tape Challenge yesterday. Sounds cheesy, but it could herald the beginning of a new, regulation-lite era...
Interest rates held after latest gloomy economic forecast
London, UK (11/04/2011)
The Bank continues its wait-and-see policy, while the Treasury waits to see its share of the Eu80bn Portugal bailout bill...
Business groups take issue with local enterprise network.
London, UK (06/04/2011)
The British Chambers of Commerce will chair a new network co-ordinating the activities of Local Enterprise Partnerships. But other business groups aren't happy.
SMEs confident of survival despite double-dip fears.
London, UK (05/04/2011)
Four in ten small and medium sized businesses expect the UK to slip back into recession in 2011.
Angels to receive £50m investment from on high
London, UK (01/04/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) It seems the good Lord (Heseltine) is smiling on business angels. But is the Government just paying lip-service to growth?
UK slump not quite as bad as we thought, says ONS.
London, UK (30/03/2011)
Small mercies: the UK economy shrunk by 0.5% in Q4 2010, not 0.6%. But the trade deficit has widened, and annual household incomes have fallen for the first time in 30 years...
Osborne gets WPP boost after 'growth' Budget.
London, UK (28/03/2011)
The Chancellor claimed yesterday that Britain is 'open for business' again - so the putative return of WPP is timely. But there's a catch to this growth plan...
Can StartUp Britain kick-start growth?
London, UK (28/03/2011)
The PM finally launched the much-speculated over initiative today. But entrepreneurs have mixed feelings...
Osborne gets the thumbs-up from entrepreneurs
London, UK (25/03/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) Not before time, the Chancellor has come up with some policies that most small business owners will indubitably welcome
Small businesses want the Chancellor to help fuel their growth.
London, UK (23/03/2011)
All SMEs want from the Budget is... a fuel duty stabilizer.
Is this the beginning of the end for red tape?
London, UK (21/03/2011)
Business minister Mark Prisk is due to reveal the Government's first red tape-cutting measures later today. Will it be everything businesses hoped for?
UK firms feel after-shocks of Japan turmoil.
London, UK (17/03/2011)
The economic impact of the disaster in Japan is already being felt around the world, from carmakers to handbag makers...
VAT rise sends shoppers packing in February.
London, UK (16/03/2011)
Retail sales slumped 0.4% last month, suggesting consumers are closing their purses - perhaps for the foreseeable future...
We need simpler tax rules for small firms, says Government body.
London, UK (14/03/2011)
The Office of Tax Simplification has suggested some radical reforms to small business tax. But will they ever come to fruition?
Cameron bets the house on UK entrepreneurs.
London, UK (07/03/2011)
Entrepreneurs are the last chance for UK growth, says the PM. But is he actually going to practice what he preaches?
MT Special: Prisk defends Government inaction on red tape.
London, UK (04/03/2011)
Has the Government done too little to reduce red tape? In an exclusive interview with MT, business minister Mark Prisk says it's just been biding its time...
Small companies miss out on discounts enjoyed by larger firms.
London, UK (03/03/2011)
UK small and medium businesses under pressure to make savings.
Small businesses hit hardest by inflation.
London, UK (25/02/2011)
Lack of negotiating clout may mean small firms will come off worse from inflation.
SMEs still lacking confidence (in Government)
London, UK (25/02/2011)
The Coalition's efforts to endear itself to small businesses don't seem to be having the desired effect...
The seven stages of finance
London, UK (23/02/2011)
LONDON (Financial Times) The key factor in delivering good mentoring is to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. My particular blind spot is finance.
SMEs still lacking confidence (in Government)
London, UK (23/02/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The Coalition's efforts to endear itself to small businesses don't seem to be having the desired effect...
Is Vince Cable failing businesses?
London, UK (18/02/2011)
He was once known as 'the Saint', but a committee of MPs is less than impressed by the business secretary's efforts so far...
UK firms battling with up to 60 regulations
London, UK (17/02/2011)
A new report confirms what UK business owners will already know: the amount of red tape they face is excessive, confusing and very time-consuming...
Risky business: entrepreneurs forced to rely on flaky funding.
London, UK (16/02/2011)
A survey of SMEs has found that nearly half use credit cards or overdrafts to fund their business. Well, beggars can't be choosers...
Extend NIC holiday to all small firms, says FSB
London, UK (16/02/2011)
The government’s National Insurance Contributions (NICs) holiday should be extended to cover existing small businesses if job creation is to be stimulated, business groups have claimed.
Most retailers plan to pass on VAT hike.
London, UK (28/01/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The Bank of England says more than 90% of retailers won't be absorbing the VAT hike. But can we really blame them?
Economy shrinks by 0.5% - is this the prelude to a double-dip?
London, UK (26/01/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) ONS figures have shown a contraction in the UK's GDP - which isn't just down to the wrong kind of snow
Government and banks under fire as SME lending deal stalls
London, UK (25/01/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) The failure to reach an agreement over lending targets - and bonuses - is making both sides look bad...
More doom and gloom as business confidence falls?
London, UK (05/01/2011)
LONDON (Management Today) A survey has shown confidence slipping for the first time in 18 months. Not the best way to start the year...
Inflation rises to 3.3% - as retailers prepare to put up prices
London, UK (14/12/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Inflation climbs even further above target - and a report suggests many firms will use the imminent VAT hike to push prices up further...
Your guide to the standard VAT rate increase to 20 percent
London, UK (07/12/2010)
The standard rate of VAT is currently 17.5 percent but will increase to 20 percent on 4 January 2011. Make sure your business is prepared by reading this summary and consulting with your financial management professional.
SMEs: 'Government doesn't understand us'
London, UK (26/11/2010)
Management Today (LONDON) A survey has shown almost three quarters of businesses feel misunderstood by the Government. Nothing's changed, then...
Shun SMEs and raise fuel taxes: How to drive UK growth
London, UK (24/11/2010)
Mannagement Today (LONDON) The Government is concentrating too much on niche markets and not enough on driving multinational growth, says a new report.
Banks still not lending to small businesses
London, UK (15/11/2010)
Management Today (LONDON) A new survey has found that two years after the beginning of the recession, banks are still failing to live up to SMEs' expectations. It's not exactly unexpected news.
SMEs adopt a flexible attitude to flexible working
London, UK (11/11/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Not all small firms can afford to allow their staff to work from home, new research suggests.
Red tape is set to stick, says small business
London, UK (10/11/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) SME owners fear the Government's drive to cut red tape is doomed to fail. And that's before Nick Clegg dropped the scissors.
Business gives cautious welcome to Spending Review
London, UK (20/10/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Business may be largely signed up to the cuts agenda - but today's extra funding for transport, skills and green energy was welcome.
Planning your Exit Strategy - Part One
London, UK (23/09/2010)
LONDON (FD Centre) by James Nicholson-Smith, Regional Director, The FD Centre
Planning your Exit Strategy - Part Two
London, UK (23/09/2010)
LONDON (FD Centre) Article by James Nicholson-Smith, The FD Centre
Heading for the Exit!
London, UK (23/09/2010)
LONDON (FD Centre) Question: A business friend of mine has just seen his company sale fall through for the second time in two years. I was planning to exit my own business within the next three years, but my friends experience has put me off. What do I need to do to make sure I don't suffer the same pain?
The Art of the Deal
London, UK (23/09/2010)
LONDON (FD Centre) Helping business owners develeop an exit strategy and selling their business
Maximise the Value of your Business for a Successful Strategic Exit
London, UK (23/09/2010)
LONDON (FD Centre) Where does exit planning sit within your strategy?
Good news and bad news as EU imposes 30-day payment terms
London, UK (17/09/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) The new EU ruling should help small firms - except for those dealing with the UK public sector, where it could actually make things worse.
Is recovery tougher than recession?
London, UK (08/09/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) 80% of businesses say they're having a harder time now than in the downturn. We're not surprised...
UK economy grew at fastest rate for nine years last quarter
London, UK (27/08/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Q2 GDP growth has actually been revised upwards, to 1.2%. Do the latest data suggest we can keep it up?
Small businesses bear the brunt of slowing bank lending
London, UK (20/08/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Business lending by banks dropped £3.5bn in June - and SMEs suffered the most. Surprised?
Inflation slips back toward 2% target
London, UK (17/08/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) UK inflation cooled slightly in July - but we're not out of the hot water yet.
Small business lending crisis not ending yet
London, UK (09/07/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) SMEs risk losing out as banks lent them just £900m last year.
Interest rates held at record low for another month
London, UK (08/07/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) The Bank of England's MPC has kept the base rate at 0.5% for the sixteenth month running.
The Emergency Budget: All The Key Points For Businesses
London, UK (22/06/2010)
LONDON ( Here's a summary of how George Osborne's plans will affect your business.
Small firms warned to prepare for public sector cuts
London, UK (04/06/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Government contracts could actually become even harder for SMEs to get after the Budget.
SMEs at risk from dodgy customers, says FSA
London, UK (28/05/2010)
FSA report finds SMEs don't have the right due diligence systems in place. But surely that's because they are SMEs...
New government promises lower, simpler business taxes
London, UK (20/05/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) George Osborne promises to cut corporation tax - but no answers yet on how to boost bank lending.
VAT just became easier...
London, UK (16/04/2010)
From April 1, if your company has an annual VAT exclusive turnover of £100,000 or more, you need to do your VAT returns online and pay your VAT electronically.
Budget 2010: Government to decide which industries get a leg-up?
London, UK (25/03/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Yesterday, the Government suggested that it knows better than the market about where to invest.
Use Budget to slash tax, says small business group
London, UK (19/03/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) Small firms can help the UK recover, says the FPB - with a little help from the taxman.
The Local Bookkeeper hit sixty offices in the UK
London, UK (08/03/2010)
TLBK have over doubled in size in the previous eight months to have 60 offices across the UK from Glasgow all the way down to Lymington.
SMEs forced to resort to the family bank
London, UK (29/01/2010)
US Spurned by the banks, UK business owners have supposedly raised £45bn from 'alternative sources'.
Are SMEs failing to give banks the right information?
London, UK (19/01/2010)
LONDON (Management Today) The FPB suggests banks aren't lending to small firms because they're not presenting their accounts properly.
RBS offers Yuletide credit cheer to small business
London, UK (30/11/2009)
LONDON (Managment Today) RBS is improving its borrowing terms for SMEs. But are small firms still in for a bleak midwinter?
CBI: Why the recession will change business for good
London, UK (23/11/2009)
The trade body predicts less gearing, closer supplier ties, better sustainability, more flexible workforces...
Are you in the dark about the upcoming VAT change?
London, UK (20/11/2009)
HMRC has officially begun to advise businesses to prepare to charge VAT at a rate of 17.5% again signalling the end of the temporary VAT rate cut.
Life not getting any easier for UK SMEs
London, UK (16/11/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) It's Global Entrepreneurship Week - but the Government needs to put its money where its mouth is.
Recovery could be 'worse than recession' for SMEs
London, UK (13/11/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) HSBC says that contrary to popular belief, the problem is that small fims just don't want to invest...
Are you ready for the Self Assessment deadline?
London, UK (04/11/2009)
That time is nearing once again where you must file your Self Assessment Tax Return (SATR) with HMRC!
Entrepreneurs driven by hardship, not hard cash
London, UK (04/11/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) Personal adversity is what motivates many entrepreneurs to build successful companies, a report says.
Who’s looking after your business’s payroll?
London, UK (29/10/2009)
Outsourcing the payroll function of your business is a sensible option. It is a difficult function to do correctly without the correct training and qualifications and, with the confusing and ever changing employment tax laws, very risky.
UK SMEs feeling cheerier about recovery
London, UK (23/10/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) The UK is generally feeling pretty gloomy about recovery - but SMEs are more optimistic than most.
Pound tumbles as recession breaks all records
London, UK (23/10/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) The UKs GDP shrank by 0.4% in the third quarter, confounding expectations of economic recovery.
The recession's behind you! Oh no it isn't...
London, UK (21/10/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) Small businesses are optimistic about the economy, says one survey. There's worse to come, says another.
UK business failures could reach fresh record in next year
London, UK (09/10/2009)
LONDON (Financial Times) The number of UK business failures will rise by more than a third this year from the historically high levels seen during 2008 and could hit a fresh record over the next 12 months, a leading recovery and restructuring specialist has forecast.
TLBK feature in the FT in Mike Southon's column: 'Find the fun in the figures'
London, UK (18/09/2009)
LONDON (Financial Times) The successful entrepreneur has many attributes, including energy, ambition, confidence, perseverance and charm. My experience as a mentor leads me to suggest another characteristic – an almost pathological fear of the spreadsheet.
Late payers get creative with the truth
London, UK (11/09/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) Small firms are suffering as debtors come up with imaginative excuses for not paying bills...
100,000 SMEs under threat from business rate plans
London, UK (21/08/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) The abolition of business rate relief will put 1 in 20 small firms out of business, figures suggest.
The best ways to improve your business credit rating
London, UK (17/08/2009)
LONDON (Business Link) Unfortunately, nearly two thirds of UK small firms are carrying a credit rating which may negatively affect their ability to obtain credit finance and favourable credit terms from suppliers, according to research by a leading credit insurance supplier¹.
How to persuade banks to finance your business
London, UK (17/08/2009)
LONDON (Business Link) Managing business finance and ensuring your business has sufficient funds is challenging at the best of times. In the current economic climate these challenges are even more difficult. The Bank of England's latest “credit conditions survey” showed that demand for both secured and unsecured lending from small businesses declined over the three months to June 2009¹.
Swine flu: Is your business prepared? A guide from Business Link
London, UK (21/07/2009)
LONDON (Business Link) Only 37% of the South East’s small and medium sized enterprises have plans in place to deal with a major emergency.
The Top Eight Must Do’s for Claiming Expenses
London, UK (20/07/2009)
It is your responsibility as the employer to inform HMRC of the value of the benefits and expenses you have provided. Claiming tax back on expenses can be a complicated business and, as the business owner, you are responsible for calculating it. How do you know what counts as an expense and what doesn’t? Can you be sure you have worked out what is due correctly? The Local Bookkeeper has put together a top 8 must do’s for business expenses.
Need more cash for your business?
London, UK (01/07/2009)
You are not alone. A recent poll by The Local Bookkeeper found 75% of businesses are currently seeking funding for their business. But do you really know what all of your options are?
The Local Bookkeeper sponsors “Business Planning Workshop” by Company Partners
London, UK (30/06/2009)
The Local Bookkeeper is sponsoring a Business Planning workshop at the British Library on 30th June that will help those who are starting up businesses on the essentials they will need to make their venture a success.
Bank of England has bad news on SME lending
London, UK (22/05/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) Falling demand, tighter credit conditions, higher rates... Getting a loan is still a nightmare for SMEs.
SMEs: financing not the biggest problem?
London, UK (14/05/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) The Government should focus on stimulating demand, not bullying the banks, a new survey claims.
How to Choose a Trustworthy Bookkeeper
London, UK (06/05/2009)
When appointing a bookkeeper for your business, the two most important qualities are their skill and trustworthiness. You can gain an idea of their level of skill by their experience and qualifications but how can you tell if they can be trusted with your sensitive financial information?
How you can outsource the bookkeeping for your business
London, UK (06/05/2009)
Outsourcing your bookkeeping is a sensible option. Your time will be freed up so you can focus on running your business and you will have the reassurance that you are making business decisions based on the correct information and your documents and/or returns are correct when you file them with HM Revenue and Customs. The next big question is how do you know who you should be outsourcing your bookkeeping to?
Pre-Budget report fails the small to medium-sized business
London, UK (20/04/2009)
The Budget Report that is due to be presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, on April 22nd is scheduled to deliver the small to medium-sized businesses in the UK increased taxes for the short, medium and the long term.
The Local Bookkeeper and British Business Angels Association have joined forces to help small businesses gain funding
London, UK (08/04/2009)
The Local Bookkeeper has been granted associate membership to the organisation that will allow them to support small businesses through the process of gaining new funding from business angels as well as provide a follow up service after the investment has been granted.
Be Prepared, Taxman Now Has Powers To Check And Search Your Business Without Your Consent
London, UK (02/04/2009)
From this Wednesday, Revenues & Customs will be able to view any details of your tax records and files and carry out inspections of your business premises without your permission.
Economic News - 18/03/2009 to 24/03/2009
London, UK (27/03/2009)
LONDON (Legal and General Wealth Management) A round up of the week's economic news.
Banks cut credit to one in three small firms
London, UK (25/03/2009)
LONDON (Daily Mail) A third of small firms are struggling to access credit, a report said yesterday.
Economic News - 11/03/2009 to 17/03/2009
London, UK (20/03/2009)
LONDON (Legal and General Wealth Management) A round up of the week's economic news
The Local Bookkeeper Have Teamed With Franchiseek To Support The Revolution
London, UK (16/03/2009)
International franchise website,, and The Local Bookkeeper have joined forces to offer exceptional bookkeeping and financial management services.
Which qualifications should you be looking for in a bookkeeper?
London, UK (02/03/2009)
You have found your business needs the help of a professional bookkeeper and, after shopping around to find out who is best equipped to look after the finances of your business, you find yourself swamped by a list of bookkeepers that it is impossible to distinguish between. There are a lot of qualifications and suffix's out there but which one really counts for your needs?
M&S Tax Victory Takes The Biscuit
London, UK (06/02/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) M&S has finally won its 13-year battle over the VAT status of the chocolate-covered teacake.
Decisions: Fred DeLuca – Founder of The Sandwich Chain, Subway
London, UK (06/02/2009)
LONDON (Management Today) The best and worst decisions of his very successful career.
50% of Small Businesses in the UK will Fail in next 12 Months : How to Ensure Your Survival
London, UK (27/01/2009)
Britain is now officially in a recession after suffering over six months of negative growth according to the Office for National Statistics.
Government To Launch Help For Small Firms
London, UK (13/01/2009)
LONDON (Reuters) The government on Wednesday will launch measures to ease the flow of credit to small and medium-sized businesses in the economic downturn, the business ministry said on Tuesday.
Marketing Budgets 'Should Not Be Cut'
London, UK (12/01/2009)
Firms should make sure they do not slash sales and marketing budgets during the economic downturn, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has said.
5 Ways to Improve the Financial State of Your Business
London, UK (24/12/2008)
Even the most efficient businesses need to make regular assessments of their finances and check they are still in good health, so why not take a few minute to go through this list, to improve your business’s prospects for 2009!
The Difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper
London, UK (22/12/2008)
An accountant and a bookkeeper both perform the essential tasks needed to manage the finances of a business.
Small Businesses are Suffering, Receivership is up by 238% in a Year
London, UK (10/12/2008)
Small businesses are being forced into receivership at a frighteningly high level as a result of the current financial crisis, according to statistics released by The Insolvency Service. Inevitably, fear is at an all time high for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who are enduring market conditions that are only set to worsen.
Small Businesses Are Out of Pocket by £18.6 Billion: Recover it Quickly With Effective Credit Management
London, UK (10/12/2008)
It is estimated that small businesses (SMEs) are owed on average £30,000 each in late payments, which is crippling their cash flow. This is a massive figure that brings an immense strain to their finances which could be easily avoided. An effective system of credit control is essential to a small business’s survival, currently they suffer from more than 50% of their customers failing to pay on time; a problem that is becoming increasingly worse as people and business’s are struggling and are simply just delaying paying their bills. The recession is beginning to really bite and the smart small businesses are devising their survival plans.
Lord Mandelson Declared That “Banks are No Longer Functioning as Banks”, So Who Should Small Businesses Turn to?
London, UK (09/12/2008)
Small- to medium- sized businesses (SMEs) are suffering from appalling treatment from the banks, even after the £37 billion bailout of taxpayer’s money.
Business Failures Set To Rocket by 50%
London, UK (08/12/2008)
The number of business failures is predicted to increase by almost 50% next year, according to business advisors BDO Stoy Hayward LLP.
34% of Businesses Are Not Confident Their VAT Return Is Correct
London, UK (05/12/2008)
In a recent poll conducted by The Local Bookkeeper, 34% of businesses stated that they are not confident their VAT return is correct.
The VAT Change: Now The Dust Has Settled, Is Your Business Ready For The New Rate?
London, UK (28/11/2008)
The Pre-budget Report has announced that VAT will be lowered from 17.5% to 15% from the 1st December 2008 but what effect will this have on the small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs)? The initial reaction is very favourable, anticipating increased spending from consumer’s, therefore increasing business but under further scrutiny it is not as simple as that. The implications of these changes may put SMEs in a tricky predicament.
Small Businesses are Suffering, Receivership is up by 238% in a Year
London, UK (28/11/2008)
Small businesses are being forced into receivership at a frighteningly high level as a result of the current financial crisis, according to statistics released by The Insolvency Service. Inevitably, fear is at an all time high for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who are enduring market conditions that are only set to worsen.
Simple Steps to Surviving the Credit Crunch
London, UK (20/09/2008)
As the economy squeezes, many local businesses will find themselves under threat.
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